Friday, February 24, 2017

3103. Educating for Life

Parents, and other elder siblings, cannot leave their children and their education to the care of the school and that’s it. This latter one is subsidiary to parents’ education and a great help no doubt!
Dad for example may not know how to teach German to their children but he will take care of how they learn German and all about this parenting mission in life: Do they like it? How does their teacher of German teach? Etc.
Parents, as Larry Ferlazzo and many other authors have recently and always said, should be engaged with their children’s education, even and up to some extent at school.
For example parents’ view and vision of their own work educates quite a lot. I mean parents’ general concept of work and precisely their own work. As well family’s notion of homework may educate pretty much, as you can infer from what’s been said so far.
Homework is important, paramount I would also say. It’s enhancing, consolidating and reviewing of what has been taught and eventually learned at school, according to expert Julio Gallego Codes (2004).
Parents and elder brothers and sisters have to set an example. For instance they could create a working atmosphere at home at certain times, even by talking lowly and respecting others’ homework, reading and studying. I’ve been to different family houses where this had been gently set as a kind of rule. / Photo from: father-son-talking www lds org
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