Monday, February 20, 2017

3096. My Students Are Eager to Participate!

I’ve just planned one of my lessons, for next Wednesday. And I’ve thought about what grammar patterns my students need to practice more, and about their growing communicative competence.
I presume that it’s sound to assess the class-group globally and infer what they need to practice more. I would say there are two strong points about my lessons: I have to make my students practice grammar points and they need a lot of discussion in English, our common target language.
When I discuss with them I assume that the main goal is to set that communication in English, though they may make some mistakes or errors. The main point is communication. And I think that with practicing grammar patterns they will be more able to communicate in English: they’ll have more weapons to talk in that tongue.
Besides they’re eager to participate and thus some chances for communication show up, which is so positive! Also I wonder if they’ll be able to polish their grammar mistakes and errors, and up to what extent? They’re grown-ups and have their minds very much “made”, but I’d like to win the battle of grammar: the aim is to commit fewer mistakes and errors.
Moreover and on top of that next Wednesday we will discuss if they’re coming the following Monday: Tuesday is a work feast and we don’t have classes, but are they coming on Monday or otherwise making a long weekend? We’ve got to talk about that point… in English and only in English. Let’s make for it! / Photo from: African Screens Wallpapers Nairobi Dusk. Did you think there would not be tall buildings in Africa?
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