Thursday, February 16, 2017

3092. Using Visual Aids for My Lessons

I was thinking… I have two big helps for my English language lessons: the dictionary and the whiteboard.
I say to my students that the dictionary of English is like another teacher: it solves so many problems! I call it Mr. Dictionary. I could utilize my smartphone to look up words that show up in the classroom, but if I’m honest… I prefer the printed dictionary book: I can find words more quickly than in my mobile, turning to and accessing the Internet.
Often my students can find that word in their smartphones faster, and that also helps us a lot.
The whiteboard? It’s like an appendix or extension of myself, I would say. We don’t have a poor smartboard, but for our classes the whiteboard is okay, quite okay. Otherwise: no whiteboard no classes: I couldn’t stand without it! It’s, how should I say? That’s right, kind of myself or part of my body. I use it so often!
For everything: phonetic transcriptions, new words, examples, even drawings, presentations, explanations, more new words, brainstorming, smiling, more single words or phrases, a for-communication-aims thing… phew! / Photo from: how_to_learn_german_language Education Advices
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