Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3099. How to Make Lessons Interesting

Our students have to gain a communicative competence, otherwise they won’t be able to understand nor convey their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
The foreign or second language learning process is paramount. And there, at that point, we teachers have to invest some great effort and commitment, right? Besides the culture vehicle is language, and if we want our students would learn and approach our culture, history and traditions, they should gain that communicative competence. As simple as that.
We have to provide and give our students the tools for communicating and conveying messages. Because of that also CBI, content-based instruction, is also paramount: we teach the language with contents, with meaningful contents.
I said we give our students the tools or language: let’s not forget the students are also the protagonists of their language learning process: the more they do the more they’ll gain that communicative competence. Learning but also acquiring the language I mean.
As I said on the previous post, #3098, we could provide our students universal literature books and readers. We teachers have to help our students gain the capability of reading, understanding and enjoying literature, maybe by means of readers, this is, simplified and abridged books. They can use a nice dictionary, a bilingual one, and we teachers could help them approach the process of reading and understanding a book… all in English!, which in our case is our common target language.
At the beginnings it may be a bit difficult to face up to a book all in English, but eventually and subsequently they’ll be able to face that nice reading and they’ll feel a big satisfaction, which is so motivating! / Photo from: www castles org
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