Wednesday, February 8, 2017

3084. Are We Happy?

Men and women, by nature, have to connect with other people. As simple as that.
And they are happy if they seek other people be happy too. It’s something by nature. Men and women are social beings. It’s natural for men and women to wish and seek what’s good to others. Men and women are happy if they have friends. Friends to whom they may wish happiness.
It’s the way things work and turn out well. Teachers are happy when they seek goodness to their students – plus their colleagues and students’ parents. So are things. It’s something we can’t change.
Everyday teaching seeks goodness and happiness to students. I know you teachers try that way. Even because you’ve read so far, until this line of the post. And every single day, since you’re committed teachers, try hard to do things well. I’ve seen it.
Why do I say all these things today? Look, there’s a huge and deep thirst for plenitude, happiness and love, among men and women today. And you can see it in novels and movies for instance. Today men and women cannot quench that deep thirst with mere substitutes: today men and women look for real happiness and real and authentic love. You can turn around and see it everywhere. If you’re a bit perspicuous you’ll notice it everywhere. / Photo from: teacher-explaining-grammar-to-student www lifed com
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