Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3083. How Good Learners Communicate!

I’ve already told you that good learners, good language learners utilize learning strategies, and this point is something that makes them learn a lot!
On the label or tag column, at the right hand of my blog, you can click on “learning strategies”. And one I use and recommend to use is for those chances we don’t know a specific word in English – which is my target language. When I don’t know a word in that marvelous language and I do need it I use a paraphrase; in other words I explain its meaning, as simple as that.
My students have already been taught about this great learning strategy. Also it’s a communication strategy, as you can see. From time to time I remind my students of it. And this is this evening’s post: a simple point for everyday use of English as a foreign language! / Photo from: o-MOTHER-TEEN-SON-facebook www huffingtonpost com. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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