Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3091. Discussions as Something so Educative

I’ve told you we teachers have to make our students think and engage their brains in intellectual activities. And once else that’s okay I guess.
We can teach our students, and help them learn superior intellectual activities, such as plan their work and their learning process up to some extent, synthesize, schedule their activities and free time, reason, understand what they read, summarize, evaluate their own work and study, apply their correct learning strategies, revise what they’ve learned, draw conclusions, comment on a text…
Those skills and activities make their work be something human, and are pretty educative. Also in the classroom we can help them apply those skills and activities, like for example reading a text aloud and silently, also on their own, and making up a follow-up discussion...
Remember I’m an English language teacher, and if it is possible, discussions are a paramount activity, because they develop their communicative competence, and that’s one of the foreign or second language main aims. As well that activity, discussions, may be so interesting to young people in the classroom, alike as for adults! / Photo from: MotoGP07_a_jpg  www the-laser com. We can touch topics our students like plus topics we think are interesting and educative for our students.
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