Thursday, February 23, 2017

3102. How to Face Mixed-Ability Classes

Today I also wanted to tell you that with my advanced level class we’ve had complete immersion in the target language, English. And we’ve discussed about important school points of logistics and about English conversation sessions, so bravo for them!
I also have an intermediate level class, with which I also use L1, which is Spanish, our common language, but I’d like to immerse the class in total English, if possible. I will try hard next lesson with them, which is next week. They hopefully will appreciate it. The point is creating an English language atmosphere and ambiance. Is it possible? We’ll see to it next week...
Anyway both classes are mixed-ability ones. / Photo from: stormy-day-at-the-Bodie-Historic-State-Park lovethesepics. The picture here is just a nice illustration.
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