Friday, February 3, 2017

3076. Acquiring a communicative competence

A good online dictionary you asked? I’d recommend you Wordreference.
I just came back and arrived home from my lesson with grown-ups, an English language lesson. They’re great. They wish to learn English and acquire a really good communication competence, and they’re achieving it, yes sir.
They’ve been talking with one another about getting together after my classes for them to carry on speaking in English, on their own. They’re great, those people!
Today one of them asked me some questions about grammar, about the usage of some similar verbs in English, and even he, a great fellow, made up a theory about a grammar point, from what he could deduce and infer. The theory turned out to be false, but I congratulated him anyway because he made up a language theory, and that’s totally positive.
He needs the grammar as a skeleton for real talking fluently in English. That is about a paramount point for adults learning a language: they tend to use their own learning strategies.
Another example of a learning strategy is collecting words of this or that kind. I foresee he’s gaining a nice communicative competence! I would tell you further about him but I guess I should keep a nice job secret: other classmates view my blog and I oughtn’t to say more about him. All I say now is that he’s great – well every single student is great, for they voluntarily wish to embark in the nice process of learning English, for communication with native speakers, for traveling abroad, for visiting their sons or daughters in Britain or Ireland… / Photo from: entrevista-trabajo-enlace-digital-esradio Diez consejos para superar una entrevista de trabajo Libre Mercado. The photo is just a nice illustration for the post.
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