Thursday, February 2, 2017

3075. Immersion Now! All in English!

I wanted to tell you today that I have realized in this morning lesson that it was my duty to make my students feel better at the classroom, which currently is a library.
The point was that I realized I had to encourage them and recognize that for example some of them have a nice big vocabulary. I got amazed when one of my students today, a male one, was speaking in English more than what I knew or supposed to know – bravo for him!
They’re Spanish grown-ups. And the lessons are great with them. Also I noticed I had to say okay to their contributions: it looks as if they knew more English for oral communication and speaking – bravo for all of them!
Classes can develop and flourish in English 99% of the assigned and allotted time!
So if you’re a foreign or second language teacher, remember you have to correct their mistakes and errors, some of them I mean, but also remember to praise their targets and goals! It’s so motivating! After the lesson they told me, today too, that they want to get together for extra-school speaking in English, on their own! Even they specified details about those possible meetings! / Photo from: Beautiful-Sunset-View-OF-The-Egyptian-Pyramids Askideas com. As you can see the picture is just a nice illustration for the post. Well, also my students like to travel a lot!
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