Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3109. How to Improve as a Teacher

As I’ve advised you all, you could try and learn one or two or a few new words every day, if you’re a non-native second or foreign language teacher. In that way you can be piling and “rounding up” a vast vocabulary over time.
Well, now I’d tell you that you could utilize that new word and it’ll get stuck in your memory by using it. How? For example by using that word or one of those words even in the lessons you teach: you can use that word in a sentence when you’ve got to give your students an example of something you’re teaching.
Alike you can tell your students that was a word you’ve learned lately, and eventually that action could motivate your students to carry on learning English, because you’ve set a nice example and they can observe you may be somewhat excited with your new words. Your students will value and appreciate that struggle of yours, tentatively. You’re on the same learning pathway as them! You’re companions of “travel”.
Dedicate not a long lesson time to that exercise, so as not to butt into the ordinary teaching pace; so few minutes, like a couple of them may be enough.
/ Photo from: exoplanets-FB Kaspersky Blog. We teachers can teach basing our teaching in contents that might be interesting for our dear students: some of them might be interested in those exoplanets which have been discovered at 39 light years from us and whose sizes and characteristics may be similar to the earth’s: could there be life in them…? The picture above is not one of those planets, but an artistic recreation of another exoplanet.
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