Saturday, February 11, 2017

3087. Are Our Students Happy?

A teacher must be able to empathize with his students in the classroom. He should be able to feel the sentiments of his students and how they react to his teaching and prompts.
Even he should be able to change what he had planned for that lesson if necessary! Even more he should plan his lessons with his students in mind, taking into account also that two class-groups are never the same and each one needs a special attention and assisting from him.
If that teacher feels his students are not understanding what he’s saying, he should change and make a clearer discourse. As well he will rope his students in the class or lesson by having them intervene and participate, also he will let some students participate more if they’re eager to do it and it’s good, suitable and appropriate for them.
I said something about anxiety on the last post. He will detect some possible anxiety in some of his students and will try to make them feel better; also I said that we teachers have to be sowers of peace and joy. He will find his students’ flaws and lacks, alike he will find his students’ strong points and will know how to take advantage of those strong points: it would be a fault not to discover their strong points to make them perform according to their good qualities...
That teacher will avoid his high-achiever students get bored and dull. So returning to the first premise I said something about on this post, he will empathize with his students. Oh, and he will be able to recognize any possible bullying attempt. / Photo from: people-happy-cheering bachflowerssingapore wordpress com
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