Saturday, February 4, 2017

3077. Making Friends?

I was leafing through a magazine for learning English, featuring varied topics, and once again I made the resolution to every day dedicate some minutes to learning new vocabulary, maybe from my Oxford Dictionary of English, which was a Christmas present from some friends.
Today Saturday I wanted to say that novice and rookie teachers at our schools should be monitored during and through the first years of their job as teachers, say, for the first three years at least.
Veteran teachers can do this task in a nice way, and I know about this point from my own experience. Also from my experience I would say that male teachers could monitor male green teachers, and the same for female teachers: a novice teacher can suffer through dire straits at the beginning of his or her career and can subsequently reach a close friendship and intimacy with the veteran colleague – many teachers think that way too.
Even this task or small job could be instituted at our schools. As well this point can serve the purpose of passing on the school philosophy of teaching to those nice rookie teachers. Give it a try? / Photo from: 02451g-comportarse-oficina-trabajo ComoHacerPara com
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