Monday, February 6, 2017

3080. Motivation and Sense of Humor

Something that unites me with my students, and which you could do if you like and think it’s okay with you is that after the lessons, often, I thank them for their attention and contributions to the class.
I can tell you the class gains a nice rapport! Also sometimes at the end of the class I make up a brief summary of their work that day, just some words. I tell them kind of, okay, we’re advancing and progressing at this or at that. They’re so nice and give me back and return thanks for my teaching the lesson.
All this I guess could be done with also young students, teens for example. Alike you could say what they have got to improve, at the same time that you say their achievements. You can imagine how much this motivates them and makes them realize they’re carrying out a nice intellectual work.
As I said all this unites students and teacher, in a big way! You may try it at classes and see how it works! I remind you that currently I teach grown-ups. / Photo from: desktop-flying-bird-wallpaper. I dedicate that photo to bird-lovers.
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