Monday, February 13, 2017

3089. A Nice Atmosphere for Working

We teachers should create a nice atmosphere in the classroom where our students can work, learn and grow without stridencies. In that intellectual atmosphere our students will focus and concentrate on their learning and working.
They need silence and quietness. We can achieve that ambiance if we talk to them in a rather low voice. I’ve seen it: when you talk to your students in a rather low volume, they tend to get quieter, so as to listen to and understand you.
We teachers can try to make up all that nice ambiance in the classroom. For example when we want them to write a composition, a comp. That atmosphere will allow for thinking. We have to make our students think, which will allow for their neurons to connect with one another, if those students are children or young children, and if they’re teens they will make up their own personalities – also if they’re younger they will make up their personalities, of course!
For writing a composition they need to be prompted, stimulated and motivated. Thus compositions can more easily be written and made up after some previous activity, as a follow-up to that activity, for example working on a text from their tablets or textbooks. That previous text can stimulate their imaginations and minds for later composing the essay. / Photo from: faro tratarentreamigos blogspot com. We teachers have to shed light on our students’ minds and lives, what a responsibility!
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