Monday, February 27, 2017

3107. How to Foster Communication in Our Lessons

We second or foreign language teachers foster communication in the classroom, is it true? Okay then, let’s say all we need to say in that target language, as I’ve told you sometimes, even announcements! Albeit we’ll have to explain more and use more plain English (the target language in my case) and use the smartboard or chalkboard as a useful and helpful aid.
In our lessons there should be authentic and genuine communication, and not only “artificial” or “academic” communication, as a drill for instance and that’s it. We teach English for communication and not only for drills. Is that right?
There should be discussions, from an intermediate level upward, in the target tongue, but also at basic levels there could be some basic discussions or exchange of messages: something so nice anyway. From the lesson conducting and leading by us teachers we can foster and boost all that communication. Evidently also from the topics that arise in lessons, for example from their textbooks or tablets.
So communication will be present always, regardless the class level of English (remember, our target language). The teacher will also ask questions to stir the class atmosphere and will prompt too, for that sake. Thus he’ll be encouraging to communicate and will smile too, which may be a big help for naturalistic conversations and encouraging and inviting to speak in English, and using it in a relaxed atmosphere! / Photo from: school-children Emaze. We are training our school kids for globalization!
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