Tuesday, February 21, 2017

3098. Students Love Stories

Something our students should take up is reading. And since I’m an English language teacher I would advise reading novels or readers in that language. Readers are simplified and abridged books, for learners of English for example, and they may be pretty interesting.
Yesterday I wrote on homework, okay, readers are good homework. And something I would also recommend is that the first task our students should have to carry out is just understanding and enjoying what they’re reading. That’s something so educative, for their minds and for learning and acquiring English.
For instance classics of universal literature are rich in values, as I said on another post, and about which you can find further information by clicking on the tag “beauty as an educator”, from the tag list on the right column of my blog.
Even something we teachers can do is to create and run a classroom library, with readers at the students’ disposal. And when they have to do a test and some of them have already finished while their classmates are still writing their tests something they can do is borrowing readers from the library – in the school where I worked as my first job as a teacher we had a nice department library.
Yesterday I said something about homework: parents are the first people who must be interested in following and tracking their children’s homework, since they are their first educators. So not only teachers should be interested in carrying out that homework but parents and elder siblings too.
They will ask their children about their school activities, they’ll talk at home about what they’re learning and will foster the thirst for learning more and more. Weekends but also during the week those family relations will foster and boost talking about what they’re learning and studying, both at school and at home. / Photo from: castillo Arkhos com ar. A castle could be the scenery of one of those readers, which enrich our students’ minds and imagination, and make them think and develop their brains.
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