Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3100. Plenty of Communication in English!

I’m concerned about the fact that with my lower-level class I utilize our mother language too much, to the detriment of English, our target tongue.
I don’t know quite well but we can be using Spanish up to some 8 to 10% of the allotted time. Which is much, I’d say. And I’d like it diminish.
Let’s do something: next lesson with that class is next Wednesday (because we have a long weekend, etc.) and I shall try to utilize English close to 100% of the assigned time, which is 55 minutes – so 100% is the goal, the desideratum. Albeit I'll have to explain more things in English!
We have to discuss about a class problem and we’ll do it in English (I will try rather hard but gently and nicely of course). Also at tomorrow’s lesson with the higher-level class I also will try to discuss about the issue all in English.
I can tell you about that small specific problem: few students can attend conversation sessions with a native speaker, namely an American volunteering college student whose name is John.
Obviously those sessions are free to attend: you attend them just if you like – they’re extra-school activities.
As I said I will discuss about this issue with those two groups of English language students… in English. The point is more students would be able to attend those English meetings.
We, teacher and students, can deal with this issue and with most issues in English – the thing is that I tend to use some Spanish because I attempt things get set and established clearly and I don’t want any misunderstandings… Let’s see to it! / Photo from: 5-tips-for-landing-your-dream-pharmacy-job Education Advices. With this picture I try to show an example of professionalism.
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