Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3073. They Were Responsible!

I believe in freedom and liberty as a way of educating our students. I try it be not naïve anyway. There’re times and occasions when you can trust what your students are telling you, and then you believe in them, and this makes them more confident and responsible and honest too.
They grow as themselves when you treat them that way. They might lie to you but you give them chances to be honest.
I was treated that way when I was a teen, and I can assure you that helped me be honest and I think I was living an adventure: I admired my teachers who treated me that way.
One example of giving a chance to trust our students? There could be some mess among them in the classroom while we are absent for a moment, and before that mess I can ask a passing-by student from that classroom what’s going on. And I would trust him. I would trust in what he wants to tell me.
You know, the point is offering our students a chance to be themselves. And this is quite educative, for it makes them become persons, responsible persons before their duties, the ones they have to fulfill. If you’ve set some class rules, some conducting and behavior rules among your students and you try to treat them according to those rules they’re striving to fulfill, you can give them some margin of confidence and trusting, isn’t so?
Something that also helps them is delivering among them some small classroom jobs, ones they’re assigned or ones they choose, but about this latter point I could write at another time. / Photo from: top_ten_most_beautiful_skyscrapers_in_the_world
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