Sunday, February 5, 2017

3078. A Nice Week!

I would advise you to treat with affection the people that work and live and coexist with you.
Namely for example tomorrow Monday have an affectionate glance and looking at your colleagues – the other teachers – when you arrive at school. Also at your students’ parents and families, at next parent meeting, and as well at your students, tomorrow, as I said, when arriving at the first classroom.
Comb the classroom with an affectionate smile, a smart and clever one, perfectly compatible with sane class management and discipline, because it’s an intelligent smile, not a lenient one. Even more, that smile can be a signal of some firm class management and discipline, and it might show you have the class reins and control. They will appreciate that smile! / Photo from: 010104_0610_0035_nsls masp.
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