Tuesday, February 14, 2017

3090. Are You a Moral Authority?

I’ve told you a lot about class management and discipline. Okay then, I would add that the teacher can have and should have a moral authority, with seriousness and gravity, young you may be though.
You are the person you are, but as the time passes, you’re gaining gravity and seriousness, with all your work done and carried out throughout the years of your career as a teacher. In other words, let’s see, it’s kind of a charisma. And all that force is felt around you in the classroom.
You may think you don’t have all that moral authority, but don’t worry too much: as I said you may be gaining it along years: carry out your everyday work the best you can, working with your students and having them working, and at the same time appreciating and esteeming them, and all that gravity will be gained, from the very first career years. Its source is your seriousness at work.
All that seriousness is transmitted to your students, even if you smile, because it’ll be a clever and intelligent smile, like the one that knows he is playing in his own stadium. And now so as to finish, you have the artillery force and background of your school department: tentatively your colleagues and the department head are supporting you. / Photo from: For The Curious Building the Wilshire Grand Los Angeles. Tentatively those workers are working safely.
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