Sunday, February 19, 2017

3095. How Are We about Professionalism?

I’m concerned and a bit worried. As you know I try to create immersion in the classroom. Immersion in English, my students’ and my own target language.
Well, you know, sometimes, not very much anyway, I use our common native language, namely Spanish. I utilize it to reinforce what I’ve just said in English. But most of the lesson is in dear language English.
Should I not shift into Spanish at all? Sometimes I say something small or rather small in Spanish to reinforce what I said and I think it needs clarification. Yet I should set “a nice example”, as a former teacher trainer, and maybe say all in the target language… What to do?
You know, there’s immersion in English but… there would be more immersion if I said all in that tongue. Tomorrow morning I could try to say all or 99% in our target tongue, couldn’t I? Ok, I will do it… and see what happens with my students.
Also I had written in my diary that also there’s communication in the target language, English. Am I doing right? I’ll do it – speak all in English or 99% - and let you know what results in the end! / Photo from: Waitress-01 menu-explain blogspot com. Any job worker should carry out his or her work in a very professional way, I assume. If a waitress, like a very professional waitress, with a lot of professionalism!
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