Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3074. Why a Teacher Myself?

We teachers have to listen to our students, to whatever they want to tell us, is that right?
And also we teachers should retain those pieces of information they want to tell us. Affection and love of benevolence will make us keep all that information concerning our students. And we’ll know how to ask them about those important points.
They may be little things but for them they may be of a paramount importance, right? All this is part of our profession as teachers, a marvelous task, and more than a task, which is not going to be paid to us, yet it’s important and inherent to our job as teachers. I guess so.
This morning an adult student of mine asked me how we teachers can retain our dear students’ names. Well, I told them, it’s part of a memorizing training, plus affection and love of benevolence. As plain as that. / Photo from: Students-in-classroom Perpetual Student - Knowledge Enhance Vision
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