Saturday, February 18, 2017

3094. Sense of Humor and Motivation

We teachers should acknowledge and value our students’ contributions to the lesson! Also because that takes and means an effort, as I’ve said sometimes. And both if our students are grown-ups or if they’re teens.
The recognition has to be proportional to the effort invested, obviously. We can’t fall into flattery and adulation otherwise... So from a positive viewpoint we can tell them things like “That’s right!” and others. All this boosts our students’ motivation and pushes them to keep on carrying on with their tenacity and resolution, plus it could redirect some students’ starting and attempting disruptive behavior…
All this in the context of nice treating our students and making up a cordial atmosphere. Also all this has to do with sense of humor. We can have small laughs in the context of nice class management and discipline: where there’s discipline we can allow those small laughs.
The relationship must be human and humane. And this relationship with them in that way reinforces class management and discipline, definitely. All this fine treatment is quite educative, and helps make them thorough men and women! / Photo from: 2008-01_kosiuszko-canberra expedition toptotop org. The picture is just a nice illustration.
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