Friday, June 10, 2016

2906. Both Teacher and Students Embarked in the Same Boat!

The teacher and the students so should be like a work community: all of them are embarked in the enterprise of learning and acquiring English (in my case).
So if the English language teacher is non-native, in some way what he’s learning and the way he’s doing embark him in such a marvelous task too.
His students will notice, sooner or later, that their teacher is also learning English himself, in a life-long way, and they will become more committed in that enterprise of learning-acquiring the foreign language.
It’s a collaborative team, both the teacher and the students. It’s a language learning community.
The teacher, maybe in an unaware mode, passes on his own wish of learning the language. Even more, all this effort, by the teacher plus his students, will enhance and reinforce a nice rapport, no doubt! Besides this teacher will have fewer behavior class problems, for his students are also on the same boat! / Photo from: Working-on-Laptop theplan theaucklandplan govn nz. The picture is just an illustration, though that man could be a learning teacher
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