Monday, June 27, 2016

2923. Getting The Best from Our Dear Students!

We teachers obviously have high-achiever students and also low-achiever ones.
The ideal would be to have individual tutoring sessions, where we could help and assist low-achievers (and high-achievers too!). Tomorrow I could write about high-achievers and what we can do for them so as not get them bored and disappointed because they’re learning nothing new – at the school subject of English or a second or another foreign language.
The core point here now with low-achievers is understanding and comprehending them and their poor situation.
I think that in low-achievers’ case we have to praise and get those students awarded with pass grades always counting on their effort and struggle to progress as far as they can.
In some way we should evaluate their effort, and if they need to get pass grades we perhaps could push them up a bit and give and award them with a pass grade.
There are some cases in which they cannot give more, and we could, as I said, push their grades a bit so as to pass. Some teachers think of minimum goals those students should pass, but I’ve found in my career some cases where you have to give them a pass grade for some effort – it’s what they can give!
Also in my career I’ve provided those students with remedial work.
Nevertheless the point is to make them give their most and best, low though that be. And at tutoring sessions we could focus on the skills they can exert, low they may be though too.
Something we can implement for those students also is having them sitting with a more advanced students that can monitor them, because we cannot reach as far as we would like.
If we wait for them to pass we shall never get anything from them. But I’m referring only to the case they can’t give anything else.
Concerning high-achievers today I’m just saying that we can provide them with extra work, and even more regarding the case of the school subject of English or another language. / Photo from: plumbing-questions firstplumbingingf com. also we teachers have got to find low-achievers’ problems as plumbers usually do
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