Monday, June 20, 2016

2916. A Nice Way to Learn Many Words of A Foreign Language

On post # 2901 and # 2915 I’ve written about how to learn vocabulary of a second or a foreign language, okay.
And I said that the best he can do can be learning a single word each day or a few words per day.
Today I wanted to tell you that another way to learn and acquire and memorize vocab is for the non-native teacher to read massively too, for instance a novel or a non-fiction book, a web site, an e-book, etc.
In that way he will also feel the texture of English (it’s my case),
will learn words in an unaware way – for later retrieval –,
will face up with a long text to be thought in English (or whatever the language is)!,
will become more able to speak in fluent English (or French or…),
and will have more fun and more feeling he’s learning a new language. As well he’ll learn language linkers (like conjunctions), which are like the articulations of the language, as if this latter one would be a body.
Alike he’ll be immersed in a task he shares with his dear students – his students are also learning and acquiring English –, and thus he can advise them better since he’s also a learner! The teacher could read the novel with or without a dictionary, in a continuous mode – assuming he’s an advanced learner. The result shall be just awesome! / Photo from: 2015 www pilotcareernews com. female pilots are needed. also this picture shows a committed job, like the way the teacher should take his learning process…
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