Thursday, June 2, 2016

2898. How Can I "Destroy" the "Mass" of My Students into Individuals?

Often our classes have many students, and we have to address a mass of people. However this shouldn’t be so.
As a “mass” students can misbehave, but when alone they’re so decent and respectable.
We teachers have to destroy that “mass”, by addressing our students as if there were only one person. Although they may be many, we can be able to address and talk to and with them, appealing to their uniqueness: you may be talking to the whole class, but in some way you’re addressing every and each of them.
Something practical can be looking in their eyes, and sweeping the whole class-group, while talking. They should feel called and interpellated and questioned by us teachers in the classroom. / The picture above is an illustration merely, with an icon of last century. I like most of their music, but for our young students they may look as old as dinosaurs or close by!
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