Sunday, June 12, 2016

2908. Yes, I'm Rather Optimistic

As I’ve already written before, all what’s good ultimately comes from God – plus our human effort, of course.
I’m rather optimistic, regarding our treatment with young people, for the foundation and basement of my optimism is God, so a strong one – anyway we teachers have a great labor to be carried out…
I would say we teachers and educators should be rather optimistic in our labor and we too could help by praying for our students and their families.
Even we can offer the prayer of a small sacrifice.
Man and woman are essentially open to pray to God, this is, to talk with God, who is our common father, with a dad and mom’s tenderness and care and affection to us.
And concerning our students we should ask about their issues, about what they tell us, and accompany that conducting with a smile and affection. As well we teachers should try to remember what our dear students have told us, what they’re concerned about! – in some way their things are ours too, aren’t they? / Photo from: new York manhattan street cars people busy www hdwallpapers im. The picture is just an illustration
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