Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2911. The Best Class Behavior Ever

We teachers have to manage the class regarding our students’ behavior, and try to keep discipline, okay, but also let’s not forget that our students are free to behave as they think it’s okay.
I’m trying to explain it, let's see.
Alike we know that sometimes some of them can be disruptive, but in some way we have to respect their freedom.
Perhaps it’s a matter of balance.
We have to educate them in a sane and sensible way, and also we must teach them how to work and how to behave, but ultimately they keep being free, and we don’t want to have automatons or robots: they have to learn how to behave setting off from their being nice and polite youngsters, and we teachers will help them become those nice and polite people.
And they will behave in a free way: they must learn they have to carry out their work in a sound way, and in a free way too – this is the authentic discipline! / Photo from: iq intel co uk. the picture is just an illustration but it shows a responsible person that works because he wants to: he might be a competent adult worker who has learned through years
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