Saturday, June 25, 2016

2921. A Way to Enjoy Work at Home

I would say homework is just necessary.
All of us had homework when at school, didn’t we?
Someone said that if the kid is attentive in class and makes good use of time, he has 60% of the learning already accomplished.
For the school subject I teach, English, revising, studying, reading more peacefully, doing drills and more creative work… are just necessary, as I said.
However we teachers should take into account that the kid has other school subjects to work on!
Some teachers leave time in the classes for the kids to carry out their homework, and they only have got to do it at home if they couldn’t finish at school.
Nevertheless at home, at a peaceful place, the kid can progress a lot.
If his parents help him do that assigned homework, they ought to know they have to let their son (their children all) do homework on his own, little by little.
I know a family where the eldest kid has changed and shifted school some few months ago – they had to change the school. Okay, this kid is seven years old. His parents have supported and assisted him and his homework up to the point his grades at the end of the school year have been pretty positive.
Just something else. If the kid at home dedicates some prior time to TV or the computer, his family should not allow him more than half an hour, otherwise the kid could be pretty distracted so as to positively focus his mind into the school homework.
Oh, sorry, I forgot it: we may be over summer vacations; well, we should allot some reading a book or whatever homework for that off period! / Photo from: cooking-with-children www huffingtonpost co uk
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