Saturday, June 11, 2016

2907. When English Turns Out to Be Meaningful!

When I am with my senior students I try to speak all the time in the target language, namely English, as you know.
And not only for the typical contents of classes to help them learn and acquire English, but also for regular conducting.
For example, if I had got to announce them about the conversations with the three American girls we had, I tried to speak in English too – we had three volunteers for conversations in English, Katherine, Diana and Natalie, to whom I’m so grateful.
The point is there should be immersion into English all the time, because my teaching methodology is a communicative approach, and it has turned out okay last school year once again.
To be honest I’ve turned into Spanish a few times, but my purpose is to use English all the time, as I said. So the regular conducting of classes is in the target language.
In that way my dear senior students can see English is a useful and meaningful instrument, and it’s not only for activities and exercises. You should meet them: they’re so nice people, pretty eager to participate! / Photo from: www cyberphysics co uk. the picture is just an illustration though these scenes were watched by my senior students, in the early 70’s. I was a young child!
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