Friday, June 17, 2016

2913. Getting Our Students Pretty Focused

Some teachers, many I would say, implement warmers at the beginning of classes.
I guess they’re even essential: in that way we help our dear students focus on the class and shift into learning and acquiring English, which is my case as you know, as a teacher.
Okay then, a nice warmer is a dictation: keeping our students writing serves the purpose of getting them so focused on English. It’s amazing how they concentrate and center into a nice conducting which will make them more able to communicate in English! Just give it a try!
The point is that writing also helps them concentrate because they are also mechanically centered in a single task – their bodies are also focused on that task.
I think I learned this kind of trick from an expert at teaching languages, whose name now I can’t remember. / Photo from: Guidelines-For-The-Great-Day-Of-Fishing www bradleyennisphotography com. the girl is pretty focused on fishing, isn’t she?
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