Thursday, June 23, 2016

2919. What Are Our Students' Learning Styles?

The mechanical action of copying a phrase or a word is useful for learning them. Or writing a sentence with that phrase or word. Or several other sentences. The more things we learners do with them the better.
Some other students take like a picture of the phrase or word and just memorize them. Those words get very well stuck in their memory.
Different students or learners use different learning strategies. Each learner uses his unique way or group of learning strategies, in order to learn for example some specific words.
We can say that there are as many styles as learners there are.
We will never find two identical students or students’ styles of learning.
When teaching English we can vary the ways we conduct in the classroom, so as to give chances to different learning styles, or otherwise some other teachers prefer to follow identical and the same procedures always, so as to set a way each student can recognize and notice and know what will be next.
If we have individual tutoring sessions with each student, we can help them construct their unique learning style, or even learn from them too! / Photo from: city nights 1931 charles chaplin. The picture is only an illustration. Charles Chaplin falls in love with a blind girl
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