Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2904. How to Start Creative Classes

The private-tuition teacher should realize about his student’s problems at the school subject of English, if the case.
When a few classes have been taught or held, the attentive teacher will learn what’s occurring to his student. Often the student doesn’t know how to face up with the textbook, and eventually and as a result he cannot make good use of his book for instance to learn grammar.
He cannot study the grammar boxes, and the teacher will help him learn how to study them, and learn from them subsequently.
The sentence examples the teacher will give him should be part of his student’s life and likes: a sentence with a meaningful content can get the student to realize that he can use that grammar for everyday life situations.
His teacher will let him study on his own, little by little, so that the student can study and use his memory autonomously.
Private tuition is like crutches: the student needs them to walk but his teacher will teach him to walk without them, so in his own, being autonomous.
As well the teacher will learn points about his student’s other school subjects, like exams, in order to ask him at the following private tuition class about those exams. The teacher will be really interested in his student’s points concerning studies and everyday life. / Photo from: what_is_creative_teaching neatoday org
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