Monday, June 13, 2016

2909. Doing Our Best is Necessary

Each class is unique.
It’s a period of time that will pass and won’t happen again.
What I mean is that each class is a step forward for the students… and the teacher alike. We have to get the best of each class.
We teachers work shoulder with shoulder with our students.
That said we should plan each such a unique class, though the real class, say, will turn out however we can accomplish and our students can too.
We should have some few goals for each class, few ones, remembering that the main class resource is the teacher himself, plus what our students can give with our help and assistance.
We should finish the class having tried to do our best, otherwise if we think we didn’t get the most of that class, we will anyway gain a valuable experience! Oh, in that way we also will do our best for our society. / Photo from: working-mom www telegraph co uk. the picture is just an illustration
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