Thursday, June 30, 2016

2926. A Council of Students to Help Their Classmates!

Something practical for today. At the school where I worked before, in another town of the south of Spain, namely Jaén, until 2002, we had a student council, which turned out so fine. Every group-class had one.
Now I live in a different city, in Granada, since 2004.
The student council had three representatives.
It was so fine an idea, for they could reach farther than what their head teacher could reach. Each head teacher had such a student council. Each class had a student council.
They moved around within their classmates, and even they were able to help their classmates better than what their teacher could, up to some extent.
They had been voted and elected democratically by their classmates, at the beginning of the school year.
It was so helpful a team. Besides they were learning to work as a team, something pretty useful for their lives as grown-ups over time!
Their head teacher used to meet up with them from time to time, at an office, and they could inform their head teacher (the teacher in charge of each class) about problems and troubles their classmates could be passing through.
All their classmates knew about the operations they carried out about them and their concern and preoccupation about them. For example their head teacher could learn that such or such students were going down at his studies, or for instance they could tell their head teacher that some pornographic magazine was passing by some of their classmates, at recesses.
Thus they learned how to behave and conduct as adults in some way, and so they matured.
I can recall about all this with a great joy! I properly didn’t have a council this sort, but I could feel their quiet and efficient labor! / Photo from: www wired com. the astronauts at the ISS work as a team. you can see some land underneath, and even a river!
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