Sunday, June 5, 2016

2901. You'll Get Enthused at Learning Vocabulary!

We non-native teachers should learn our target language vocabulary, shouldn’t we?
Something we can do is to learn one single word every single day, as if we made a mental photograph of it. In this way we will reach to learn many words.
The point is like taking a picture of it, as I said, and let it be set and established and lingering in our memory till the next day, when we’ll learn a new one.
Thus I can assure you we can learn a vast vocabulary of our target language, English in my case. Over time our memory will get trained and we’ll be able to retrieve those words at once when necessary!
We’ll be able to use words we didn’t know we had learned!
When well-trained in this learning style you’ll possibly get enthused at learning words, and this habit will be gotten and established more and more in you! In this way you’ll learn and also acquire a foreign or second language! / Photo from: mr herrs bionic legs www wsj com. he lost his legs in mountains in new Hampshire: eventually they got frozen. the picture is a mere illustration of something interesting
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