Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2917. A Willing and Eager Learner, like Me!

I’d like to give you some more useful and helpful tips about the critical task of learning and acquiring the foreign language lexis, for example for a non-native teacher’s case, like mine: my mother tongue is Spanish and my target language is English (and the one I teach).
I think I can face up the reading of a novel.
I could for example write down words I don’t know and which ones prevent me from understanding some interesting details about the novel. After the reading session I can go to my computer and proceed to look up those few words in an online dictionary, like for example Wordreference.
Those words enrich my vocabulary.
Maybe I shall re-read and revise them on coming days.
I can write the translation of those words into Spanish. Fantastic, I’m forming a pool!
Besides I let those words linger in my mind, to form that nice pool of words. If I read a novel in English, since I read massively, I’m going to think in English, a nice point!
Reading an unabridged novel implies levels C1 or C2 – within the Common European Framework reference for languages; they are the highest levels. With a stroke of intuition I even can guess the meaning of some unknown words. I could even learn these ones! / Photo from: Concorde plane inside the cockpit www youtube com. the picture is just an illustration
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