Thursday, June 9, 2016

2905. How to Start Nice Conversations in Classes

The center of a foreign or second language class cannot be the teacher himself, but rather the teacher PLUS the students.
We English-language teachers for instance don’t “teach” classes, but classes are held where students learn and acquire the language. With the teacher’s help.
Anyway the teacher also should present grammar points for example – what I mean is that the teacher also has to contribute to the class, even in a massive way, while also he helps his students learn and acquire the foreign language.
English language classes should be ones where the students contribute a lot, and they participate a lot, prompted by the teacher and their classmates.
I’m now thinking of the classes where I got the C2 level of English (proficiency): our teacher made us his adult students speak in English a lot; he achieved we would speak a lot in his classes (OUR classes).
We had pretty interesting conversations in the classes, where for example each student wanted to give his opinion about certain topic, and another student replied in some way, naturalistically – they were communicative approach classes: very good ones! / Photo from: woman-working-on-computer-at-home. the picture is just an illustration
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