Monday, June 6, 2016

2902. Just Learning from People with Sense of Humor!

We all often have problems, which accompanies human life.
But people with a sane mind know how to defuse and take the drama out of the situation.
Even they know how to laugh at themselves, in a kind and nice mood, and even they’re able to crack a smile! They know how to avoid to get choked by the circumstances.
We all need not to take ourselves that seriously. After this exercise of defusing and self-laughing they get prone to immerse into their work again.
They for example say to themselves such things as “That’s very, very, very bad for me, this is the end, this is going to fall down…”.
They know how to conduct among the pains and sorrows of every human life and biography.
They know how to take the heat out of the situation, to downplay the issue, to brush off the trouble as not a big deal – do you all understand what I mean?
We could learn from them, and prevent from seeking ourselves in a rather selfish way, and afterward all that makes us capable of assisting and aiding our colleagues, our dear students... and anyone in need of help! – oh and those people gain the affection and admiration from everybody. / Photo from: www telegraph co uk. a busy man, yet able to downplay the issue
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