Sunday, June 19, 2016

2915. How to Learn Vocabulary of A Foreign Language

On post # 2901 I wrote that something sound the non-native language teacher can do is to learn one single word per day.
But learning more words per day can also be sound and clever, always if the words are: not many, gotten stuck into memory by “taking a picture” of those words, and finally by using them or doing any useful memory activity with them.
If you use them, likely you will remember them, you will be able to actually use them when they’re necessary for such or such an occasion!
Your memory will increase and augment!
Something I’ve noticed is that pretty often come to my mind some words I had read and learned previously, even not being aware of the process of learning and acquiring them.
The main and principal point is the teacher should be open to learn new vocabulary. In that way he will learn rather a vast lexis plus he will receive and feel a nice emotion of being able to become a good learner of a language, like English in my case, as you know. You can feel kind of being enthused at this task, and you can see your progress!
This very post itself is a result of my learning words. Sorry for my errors and mistakes anyway. / Photo from: carpenter www history org. the non-native teacher’s labor is like the one of a craftsman or artisan…
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