Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2897. Do I Know How to Scold a Student?

When scolding and correcting a student we can just scold in an angry and ugly way, but I guess it’s better to appeal to the student’s responsibility.
Our goal as teachers is not just scolding but educating for life, in a subsidiary way, for it’s parents and families the ones that have the primeval mission of educating their children.
If we appeal to our students’ responsibility we make them think about their duties, ones which they must fulfill, and about their behavior.
We’re educators and all we do contributes to our dear students’ education and edification. And we have the primordial duty of forming thorough and upright persons! We set an example however we conduct and behave at school! / Photo from: dad-and-daughter-cooking blog premiertrampolines com au
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