Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2918. Apply Some Convenient Therapeutics!

Today I publish again a previous post, which I consider as pretty critical and important mainly for free-lance English-language teachers, or other modern language teachers. Here you are: (it may be useful for any teacher anyway! I have included some minor changes)

Both at private tuition and at group classes we English language teachers should expect and somehow demand a change on the working rhythm and mode of our students.

For example private tuition should be like a health-care therapeutics – in some way. We teach our students how to work, how to learn, how to improve, and eventually and over time we ought to expect those changes, because they’re actually improving and we try each class be a step forward.

We teach for instance how to face up a textbook type of exercises, and over time we must expect an amelioration and improvement at those exercises. / Photo from: learnenglish247 net. The picture merely is an illustration
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