Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2924. Taking Advantage from High-Achiever Students

Today I’ll say something about our high-achiever students.
We have to care and look after them. From my experience I can say that they can progress so big at the learning and acquiring of English. They can go fast, for they’re pretty concerned about their learning and acquiring.
We should be cautious: they could get terribly bored and disappointed and distressed for they see they don’t progress, because all what’s taught in the classroom they already know it.
I used to give them extra material, for example from Cambridge examination texts and drills, especially from First Certificate (B2 level in the CEFR, Common European Framework reference for languages), and even Advanced (C1). I’m referring to students aged about 14 years.
They got extremely motivated. They worked out this stuff at home, but also it might be handed out when those students have finished what assigned to do at classes.
Something so nice about these students is also that they can become so motivated when helping low-achievers. In that way they carry out something else, and now for the community, for the class. And thus they don’t seek themselves in a selfish and egoist way.
They mean a big aid for us teachers, because often we cannot reach to assist and teach mixed-ability classes in a full and thorough way! / Photo from: www gramelles fr
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