Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2925. How to Be A Gentleman or All A Lady

I can see you TeacherLingo teachers provide with a lot of interesting material and lesson plans, and that’s so interesting for our actual classes, definitely.
I would like to provide you with rather more humanistic topics and issues, practical they may be though too.
Something I’m concerned about is for the teacher to be human and humane, sympathetic and nice, toward his students and colleagues as well. And this is something to apply at every single class he teaches, for instance.
Technical solutions are necessary and okay, and they’re so welcome, but you all know that teaching implies (has to imply) being a bit warm or nice, and rather close toward the youth – or the elderly, or grown-ups alike.
I would like to add one more point, essential it is, even more today. We have to be elegant and at disposal for persons the other gender, but definitely and you’ll agree with me I assume, that we have to be delicate and cautious in order to avoid any bad comment we could hear about a too close intimacy with persons the other gender, for example my female students or colleagues, in my case.
Let’s be gentlemen and prudent and a bit aloof. A friend of mine says that if we male teachers have to receive a mom for a tutorial session about her kids, let’s leave the door half-open and ajar; otherwise and if possible, let’s receive both parents at the tutoring sessions or the mom plus the eldest brother or sister. / Photo from: qbservices net
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