Friday, June 24, 2016

2920. The Class like A Nice Concert!

The teacher, for example an English-language teacher, is like an orchestra conductor.
He has to have his students contribute and intervene to the class.
He must otherwise cut off every disruption spark, when that one shows up for a little bit.
He will try for every student to contribute at a precise moment.
He should have every student to participate, and not only those who are eager to participate, say for instance high-achievers.
At the same time he will take these latter ones into account. When I was teaching kid classes, sometimes I used to give extra material to high-achievers lest these ones got terribly bored and disappointed and even a bit distressed perhaps, for they were learning nothing new!
For example I gave them material – texts or multiple choice drills – of a B2 level of English, namely from the First Certificate in English of Cambridge University.
B2 is the intermediate level, since there are three letters A, B and C, according to beginners or false beginners, intermediate and advanced, with two numbers, 1 and 2 to split each letter into something more specific.
Should my students got involved and roped with the class, they would contribute nice to each class, the teacher being like an orchestra conductor, and the class like a nice orchestra, for a nice concert! / Photo from: southfloridaclassicalreview com
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