Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3110. Training Our Students for Life Too

I’m afraid some of our students are rather wimpy and softie. I don’t try to be negative, because it is not my style.
With such students, first at home but at school too we as teachers can do a lot in their favor: we have to make them think of their situation. They have everything one person may have, at home, at school, but they’ve got to appreciate and value what they have: their families, their teachers, who invest a nice effort in them…
If we make them think they will improve. I’m thinking of a nice experience we implemented at the school where I taught for nine years in Jaén, a placid southern city in Spain. Not me but one of the teachers, maybe two, used to take the students that had everything at their disposal to visit poor people and sick ones too, in accordance with their parents – their diseases weren’t contagious.
And those kids, those students had to face up to talk and maybe help those poor people… and in the end our students achieved to give conversation for example to an old man, and also in the end those students thanked us teachers for those visits: those sessions had helped them a lot, a great deal. Even some of them wanted to repeat, but we had to take other volunteering students...
Those visits were pretty educative, yes sir, they were. Even some of those boys took their guitars to those poor houses. After those visits they came back to school or home by chatting excitedly about those helping sessions and experiences! / Photo from: Stay-at-Home-Dad. When kids help out also at home and learn to carry out some chores and have small jobs they grow even in a smart and quick-witted way. Have you ever noticed it?
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