Friday, March 24, 2017

3133. Young People's Problems as a Topic?

Unemployment among young people is so big, in Spain as well as in other many countries, as you know.
I don’t intend to be pessimistic and it is not my style, but that’s quite real. We have some danger of a generation of people who have never worked with a consistent job, is that so in your countries all over there in the Web?
And there are quite many valuable people, potential teachers, who would do it well as teachers. I pray this would change, and at the same time we have to work well, be honest and upright, and we’ll be helping our western society, so much in need of many things.
Let’s be honest and there will be more honest people, each one in his or her position in society. I get glad when I see people working on the street, or in offices, etc. They’re people who try to do things well and that holds our western society, in this global world where we live.
So unemployment is a big problem, also because work makes men and women be mature and thorough people, right? In Spain the youth’s unemployment may be around 43%!! It’s disastrous. Let’s not be pessimistic or kind of negative. Let’s empathize with this problem – better said, let’s empathize with all these people, whenever we can address them and talk with them, and let’s listen to them.
The thing in Spain is bettering somewhat, but the rate of unemployment is still so high. Okay, think of today: let’s try to develop our work the best we can do, let’s do our best, and so also we’ll be helping our whole society, alike concerning terrorism.
And let’s not forget other people’s problems and trouble, like namely the so many war refugees that have no home. What can we do about all this? I’d say first praying, plus let’s see, I’d add, well, being honest and honorable, plus being nice at home: if everybody did this, it’d be much better, right? Oh, now I remembered some friends of mine are going to run some care with refugees here in Granada: they run a parish church and they’re about to also run some pastoral with refugees. / Photo from: footage framepool com. The picture is just a nice illustration. A girl with her dog.

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