3123. Nice Correction to Our Students!

Let’s not tell off our students nor reprimand them too severely. We should otherwise be cordial, which is absolutely compatible with discipline and behavior management.
In that way we’re behaving in a very very educative way concerning our students. Let’s be merciful with them all. We can be against what’s not good, okay, but we cannot be against anyone. I insist: let’s be merciful with our kids.
We should forgive them, although we’ll be prone to teach them what’s upright and honest. If we’re upset, let’s not reprimand them when hot, but better after some time or on next day or so. We’ll gain more with an affectionate correction than with thousand angry words.
Let’s give our students nice correction and advice for their lives, now and when they are adults. Let’s not give them harsh condemnation but okay with advice for their lives, now and when they’re grown-ups, as I said.
Okay for benevolence love too, and all this gently pushes toward correction and amendment. We can get serious in the face because the kid may be doing something wrong and erroneous toward his life, but let’s not be harsh with the students. He may be doing something bad for him and for his classmates and his teacher alike, and that’s wrong.
We have to be like their dad or mom, in some way. Oh, and better the correction should be aside and not in public. / Photo from: ayuntamiento-herrera-del-duque castillo de Herrera del Duque. The picture is just a nice illustration, like nice our corrections must be too. Herrera del Duque is a nice village in western Spain.


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